Best Baby Carrier

Selection of the Best Baby Carriers

May we present what we believe to be the best baby carrier selection available in the UK. For more support choosing the baby carrier for you check out our buying guide.

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Best Budget Baby Carrier

Nuby Baby Carrier

best babay carrier - budget

What we like: Priced significantly less than the average premium quality carrier we like that this budget model still has a quality construction with a sturdy waist belt and adjustable padded straps to help support weight on your hips to avoid any back or shoulder discomfort. Can be used in 3 different positions. 1.On the front with baby facing chest (from newborn), 2. Baby on the back position (6m+), on the front facing outwards (5-6m+) and includes a dribble bib to protect your clothes when baby is facing you.

Best Premium Baby Carrier

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Air

baby carrier - premium

What we like: We like the breathable, soft mesh fabric that is machine washable and quick drying to keep the carrier clean. This latest version of the BabyBjorn has an ergonomic seat width and adjustable head support. It can be used in 4 positions  newborn, baby facing-in, baby facing-out and back carrying. Add the teething bib for great dribble protection.

Best Easy to Wear Sling

Koala Babycare® Easy-to-wear Baby Sling

baby carrier - sling

What we like: We love that this one is so easy to wear, with an ergonomic and breathable backrest. The sling is also machine washable to keep in tip top condition. Loved by mums – some of the best reviews we have seen.

Best Fabric Wrap

Lifft Slings Stretchy Wrap Baby Carrier

baby sling - fabris

What we like: We love this machine washable, luxurious 2 way stretch cotton, manufactured in Yorkshire, UK. It is easy to pre-tie and suitable from birth to 15kg. keeps baby close to your body heat, heartbeat and reassuring voice. 2 way stretch for ultimate comfort, support and a snug fit.

Best Ring Sling

Nalakai Ring Sling Baby Carrier

baby carrier - ring sling

What we like: We love the eco-friendly soft, breathable bamboo and linen fabric, unwelded aluminium rings and the long tail that can double as a privacy cover for breastfeeding. This slings harness your baby naturally in the M position so that hips can develop properly while keeping you and your baby comfortable. The front carry position massages your baby’s belly, improving digestion & preventing reflux & colic.

Best Backpack Baby Carrier

LittleLife Cross Country S4 Child Carrier

best backpack carrier

What we like: This great all-rounder has a slim profile that makes it perfectly suited to rambles in either town or country. It is highly durable yet extremely comfortable to wear and come s with feet straps for baby and a viewing mirror for your. Team up with a sun-shade and rain cover for all-weather use.

Best All-Weather Backpack Carrier

Osprey Poco Plus Unisex Hiking Child Carrier Pack


What we like: We love the built-in sun-shade (UPF 50+ UV protection) and integrated / detachable rain cover that means this one. can be used in any-weather. Your child remains safe and secure in a fully framed and padded cockpit that surrounds the adjustable double halo harness and child seat. Soft contact surfaces, anatomical fit and ventilated side panels provide comfort.

best baby carrier